MS100 LocoNet Computer Interface

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Summary: The MS100 is used to connect a computer to LocoNet

The MS100 Computer Interface is an interface which allows an IBM compatible computer with a 25 pin serial RS232 communications port monitor Digitrax's LocoNet with appropriate software.

This device is obsolete. Digitrax officially retired the MS100 in February 2021.


  • Computer Interface for use with IBM compatible PCs. Connects to 25 pin RS-232 (serial) port. DB9 to DB25 adaptors can be used if required.
  • Allows control of LocoNet compatible devices using 3rd party software.
  • Works as a signal translator between LocoNet and an RS232 port.
  • Please refer to the documentation of the third-party software for full details of the features and capabilities of the software used in conjunction with the MS100.
  • Be sure the software that you choose is LocoNet Certified or Compatible.

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