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Command Station: PowerCab Summary: The Power Cab is a combination throttle, command station and booster in one, in the form of a handheld throttle. It can also be used as a throttle only when connected to an NCE Booster

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General information
Manufacturer NCE
Manufacturer Part Number
Common Name Power Cab
UPC Number
Release information
Product URL Product Link
Manual URL Manual Link
Has computer interface None
Firmware Upgrade Possible Yes
Year Released
Year EOL
Integrated Throttle Knobs and Buttons
Throttle Network Cab Bus
Programming Modes Ops
Separate Programming Track
DCC Features
Extended Addressing Yes
Max Simultaneous Throttles
CV Readback Yes
Max Simultaneous Trains 12
Supported Consisting Methods Advanced, Basic, Other
Max Consists 16
Speed Steps 28/128
Max Switches 2044
Functions 28
Feedback Yes
Zero Stretching No
Auto Shuffle Train / Signal Speed Control No
LocoNumberReadback Yes
Max Current 1.5
Continuous Current
Auto Reverse
Input Power Waveform


The NCE Power Cab is a full featured small layout DCC starter system intended for more common home size layouts. It has a full 2 line 16 character LCD display the uses full English words or phrases that are easily understood. Integrated menu system guides you step by step on what to do and when. The NCE PowerCab has two modes of operation. 1) As standard ProCab which is a full feature NCE cab that can be used with any NCE other system as a spare throttle. 2) In PowerCab mode where it becomes a complete standalone DCC system with a cab, Command Station and booster integrated inside the Cab case and powers the layout. In this mode, it must be connected to the layout at all times since track power flows down the PowerCab cable.

In PowerCab mode, The NCE PowerCab supports a full featured programming track capability but does not use a dedicated set of terminals. Instead, it internally switches dynamically from normal full power booster mode to limited current Programming track mode using the same track terminal wires. It can run up to 12 trains simultaneously but the actual number of trains is less due to the limited 1.5a current rating. Smaller scales will be able to run more trains than larger scales.

The PowerCab is expandable in many ways.

  • You can add up to 3 more walk-around cabs for a total of 4 operators.
  • You can add radio to the system to allow the use of walk-around radio cabs.
  • There is a USB computer interface allowing computer-based train operation, decoder programming and WiFI throttles.
  • You can upgrade the current to a full 5A with the addition of the NCE SB5 (Smart Booster 5Amp). This upgrade also free's the PowerCab itself up so it too can work as a walkaround cab providing 4 walkaround cabs.

PowerCab FAQs

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