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Summary: The PR4 is a LocoNet device that allows downloading of sound files to a Digitrax sound decoder, or reflashing the firmware. It also acts as an interface between LocoNet and a computer. It uses a USB 2.0 interface to a computer. It replaced the PR3.

See LocoNet Page for more information on this and the PR3.


  • Multifunction USB to LocoNet
  • Optimized for Direct mode, up to 3 times faster than PR3
  • Electrically Isolated between USB and LocoNet
  • Digitrax “SoundLoader” compatible. Programs Digitrax sound projects to SFX decoders
  • Programs CV’s for most DCC decoders
  • LocoNet MS100 mode
  • Automatic configuration
  • Standalone operation for CV and SoundFX programming without a Digitrax Command Station
  • LED state indicator lights
  • Firmware updates available from Digitrax Web site.
  • Includes PS14 Power Supply
  • Mac OS with JMRI
  • Windows XP, Vista, 2000, 7, and 8

It requires a programming track.

For better results, an 18V power supply is recommended.

Digitrax PR4 Webpage


See PR4 Webpage

Mac OS X 10.8: PR4 with OS X Mac OS: Using the PR3 with OSX

Power Supply

The PR4 comes with a power supply.