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Digitrax: PR4 Programmer (PR4)

Summary: The PR4 is a LocoNet device that allows downloading of sound files to a Digitrax sound decoder, or reflashing their firmware. It is also used to update the firmware for Digitrax throttles and command stations. It provides a USB to LocoNet interface as well.

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General information
DCC Category
Manufacturer Digitrax
MSRP 95 USD96.71 EUR <br />84.62 GBP <br />143.57 AUD <br />128.16 CAD <br />
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Manufacturer Part Number
Common Name PR4 Programmer
UPC Number 652667120074
Release information
Product URL Product Link
Manual URL Manual Link
Has computer interface Other
Firmware Upgrade Possible
Year Released 12/2017
Year EOL
Predecessor PR3
Misc Details
Height 27 mm2.7 cm <br />0.027 m <br />1.063 in <br />0.0886 ft <br />
Length 95 mm9.5 cm <br />0.095 m <br />3.74 in <br />0.312 ft <br />
Width 67 mm6.7 cm <br />0.067 m <br />2.638 in <br />0.22 ft <br />


The PR4 is an upgrade to the PR3. It is faster and smaller than its predecessor. It was later packaged with a power supply and branded as the PR4 Xtra.


The PR4 is a LocoNet device that allows downloading of sound files to a Digitrax sound decoder, or reflashing the firmware. It also acts as an interface between LocoNet and a computer. It uses a USB 2.0 interface to a computer. It replaced the PR3.

The PR4 was rebranded the PR4 Xtra, which includes the power supply.[1]

See LocoNet Page for more information on this and the PR3.

PR3 with PR4 demonstrating size difference


  • Multifunction USB to LocoNet
  • Optimized for Direct mode, up to 3 times faster than PR3
  • Electrically Isolated between USB and LocoNet
  • Digitrax “SoundLoader” compatible. Loads Digitrax sound projects to SFX decoders
  • Programs CVs for most DCC decoders
  • LocoNet MS100 mode
  • Automatic configuration
  • Standalone operation for CV and SoundFX programming without a Digitrax Command Station
  • LED status indicator lights
    • Blue LED indicates USB connection is active and PR4 is in LocoNet mode.
    • Flashing blue LED indicates it is in programming mode.
    • Red and Green Status LEDs used for resets and other processes.
  • Firmware updates available from Digitrax Web site.
  • Includes PS14 Power Supply
  • Mac OS with JMRI
  • Windows XP, Vista, 2000, 7, and 8

It requires a programming track.

The PR4 does not provide RailSync power or LocoNet termination when used in a standalone LocoNet situation.

For better results, an 18V power supply is recommended. For use with Digitrax multifunction decoders the PS14 power supply is recommended.[2]


See PR4 Webpage

Power Supply

The PR4 Xtra comes with a power supply.


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  1. The PR4 did not originally include a power supply.
  2. Some Digitrax multifunction decoders may be damaged by voltages other than those provided by the PS14.